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The Group’s business is focused on three areas: fertilizers, plastics and chemicals.

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The Group’s business is focused on three areas: fertilizers, plastics and chemicals. Our products are widely used in agriculture, as well as the food, automotive, electrotechnical and furniture industries. Chemicals produced by the Grupa Azoty Group also find applications in many everyday objects, e.g. household appliances, sports equipment, paints and varnishes.


Contribution to the Grupa Azoty Group’s revenue in 2021


Agro Fertilizers

The most important and largest area of the Group’s business are mineral fertilizers, including nitrogen, compound and speciality products. They facilitate modern, efficient and sustainable crop cultivation, which improves the profitability of agricultural business and makes food prices affordable. We create fertilizers that satisfy the requirements of specific plant species in variable climate and soil conditions. The fertilizer manufacturing activities are conducted by our companies based in Tarnów, Puławy, Kędzierzyn, Police, Gdańsk, Chorzów, as well as in Germany and Spain. We are Poland’s largest and European Union’s second largest manufacturer of mineral fertilizers.

Agro Fertilizers Segment’s product portfolio: 

  • nitrogen fertilizers
  • nitrogen-sulfur fertilizers
  • two-component fertilizers (NP, NK, PK)
  • compound fertilizers
  • speciality fertilizers (COMPO EXPERT)
Financial performance
(PLN million)
13%9%-4 pp

Grupa Azoty Group’s production capacities vs competition (mineral fertilizers)

Sales volume

Learn more about our fertilizers


is a nitrogen fertilizer with a 46% nitrogen content. It is produced by our plants in Puławy, Police and Kędzierzyn-Koźle. In granular form or as a solution, it can be used for all types of crops during different growth phases, which makes it a universal fertilizer. Urea also finds application outside of agriculture, for instance in the production of adhesive resins for the wood-based panel industry. It may also be further processed into urea-ammonium nitrate solution (UAN − RSM®), a liquid fertilizer, or into melamine.

We offer nitrate fertilizers in three forms:
  • Ammonium nitrate is a fertilizer which is easily dissolved in water, with a 30% to 34% nitrogen content. 
  • Calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) is a nitrogen fertilizer with a nitrogen content of up to 28%. It is a universal product, suitable for all types of soil. Its easy solubility makes it readily absorbable by plants. 
  • Urea-ammonium nitrate solution is a liquid nitrogen fertilizer coming in three varieties: with a 32%, 30% and 28% nitrogen content. Thanks to its form, it is easily absorbed by plants. It is also produced with an admixture of sulfur. 

Sulfur-nitrogen fertilizers

improve sulfur content in the soil, enhance arable crops' ability to absorb nitrogen, and thus increase the quality and volume of crops.

Compound fertilizers

are universal fertilizers which, depending on composition, can be applied to various types of crops and soil. Apart from primary components, that is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, these fertilizers also contain magnesium, sulfur and calcium, and may also contain micronutrients such as boron or zinc. Compound fertilizers can be used to provide nutrients to all types of arable crops. The Group's current portfolio includes more than 40 types of compound fertilizers. We also offer products with formulations meeting specific customer needs.

Speciality fertilizers

are designed to meet the requirements of various sectors, including fruit and vegetable growing, horticulture or maintenance of green areas.


We produce plastics that exhibit high thermal resistance and good mechanical properties. They are successfully used by the automotive, construction, electric engineering, food and textile industries, among others. Our plastics can also be found in household appliances. We manufacture polyamide-6 (PA-6) and polyamide 6-based modified plastics as well as other engineering plastics. The Grupa Azoty Group also manufactures modified plastics with specific compositions designed to suit individual customers’ needs.

Financial performance
(PLN million)
-3%10%13 pp

Grupa Azoty Group’s production capacities vs competition
(Polyamide 6)
Sales volume

The Group’s Plastics business line comprises two segments: Polyamide Plastics and Polyolefins1

Product portfolio of the Polyamide Plastics segment: 

  • polyamide-6
  • caprolactam
  • compounds based on PA6, PP, PBT and PA6.6 polyamides
  • sulfuric acid
  • oleum
  • cyclohexanone oxime (Tarnoks)
  • cyclohexanol

Planned products of the Polyolefins segment:

  • polypropylene
    • PP homopolymers
    • PP copolymers

1 Production of plastics in the Polyolefins segment will begin after the launch of production by Grupa Azoty Polyolefins (planned for 2023).


The third key area of our operations is the Chemicals segment. It comprises three units: Pigments, Oxoplast and Tech Grade Urea.

Product portfolio of the Chemicals segment:

  • titanium white
  • iron sulfate III
  • aldehydes
  • OXO alcohols
  • plasticizers
  • technical grade urea
  • RedNOx products
  • melamine
  • technical grade nitric acid
  • concentrated nitric acid
  • mixed acids
  • ammonium nitrate solution
Financial performance
(mln PLN)20202021Change

Grupa Azoty Group’s production capacities vs competition (Plasticizers)

Grupa Azoty Group’s production capacities vs competition (OXO)

Grupa Azoty Group’s production capacities vs competition (Melamine)
Sales volume
See the applications of our chemicals segment products
  • OXY alcohols are used in the manufacture of plasticizers, paints and varnishes as well as in the textile industry and oil refining processes. They are also applied as a solvent for vegetable oils, animal fats, resins, waxes and petrochemicals.
  • Mined sulfur is used in the production of sulfuric acid applied in the chemical industry.
  • Melamine is a non-toxic and non-flammable white powder used, among other things, in the production of synthetic resins, thermosetting plastics, adhesives, paints, varnishes and fire retardants.
  • Titanium white is the most widespread category of inorganic pigments characterised by the highest refractive index. Its other properties include the capacity to strongly absorb harmful ultraviolet radiation. Industrial applications of titanium white include the manufacture of paints and varnishes, plastics, paper, synthetic fibres, ceramics, rubber, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products.
  • Technical grade nitric acid finds its applications in nitrogenation processes, in cleaning of apparatus and equipment made of acid-resistant steel, in horticulture for substrate acidification, in metal treatment processes and in the plastics industry.

See the location of our production plants

Most of our products are manufactured in Poland, but we also operate plants in Germany and Spain. As we want to fully utilise our plants’ capacities and maintain the continuity of production processes, we ensure secure supplies of strategic raw materials to the Group. We have diversified our supply sources, and our specialists keep monitoring the market to identify new and alternative suppliers. We may also consider the establishment of equity links with suppliers of raw materials. At the same time, we minimise the cost of raw material purchases by leveraging the economies of scale offered by the integration of the Grupa Azoty Group.


See where we sell our products

Our main market is Poland, but our products are available virtually worldwide. Outside of Poland, the largest volumes are sold in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Italy, France and Belgium. On the domestic market, we sell fertilizers and products manufactured by our Chemicals segment. To European countries, we export mainly fertilizers, plastics and OXO alcohols, and to Asia – polyamide-6. Fertilizers manufactured by the Grupa Azoty Group are also sold in South America, North America and Africa.

Our customer base comprises mainly producers and processors active in the agricultural, food, chemical, automotive, transport, construction, paper, textiles, plastics, energy, mining and medical industries, as well as scientific and research institutions.

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