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Stakeholder dialogue


In line with the new ESG strategy, we aim to increase our positive impact on the socioeconomic environment. We work closely with numerous stakeholder groups, and we expand projects benefitting our customers.

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We want to communicate our activities, plans, achievements and challenges in a fair, timely and reliable manner. Given the scale of our business we work with numerous stakeholder groups across the country. The Group has implemented the Stakeholder Registers guidelines, which set out the method and procedure for identifying stakeholders, assessing the materiality of stakeholder groups and keeping a stakeholder register. We maintain partner relations with our stakeholders, and we engage in dialogue on topics relevant to specific stakeholder groups and to our organisation. The form and frequency of the dialogue have been aligned with stakeholder needs and expectations. Responsibility for maintaining the dialogue lies with the heads of relevant functional areas of the Group companies.

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Shareholders, investors, brokerage houses, analysts, rating agencies
What stakeholders want to know:
How we build relationships:
How often we engage:
  • dividend, share price
  • impact of COVID-19 on the Group’s business
  • the Group’s growth strategy, investment and acquisition plans
  • status of key investment projects with special focus on Polimery Police
  • market challenges and opportunities, e.g. with regard to digital transformation and innovation
  • risk management, with particular focus on ESG, climate and operational risks
  • environmental management performance and plans
  • procedures to be followed for share transfer transactions
  • analysis of financial results
  • short-term prospects for business segments
  • effect of acquisitions on the Grupa Azoty Group’s performance, synergies achieved
  • activities planned within the European Green Deal framework
  • procedures to be followed for share transfer transactions
  • General Meetings of Shareholders
  • earnings conferences
  • one-on-one meetings
  • newsletter
  • investor conferences
  • regular meetings in the form of site visits
  • special-occasion meetings
  • Wall Street conference organised by the Polish Association of Retail Investors
  • investor chats
  • quarterly financial reporting
  • quarterly earnings conferences
  • ongoing communication and publication of current reports
  • General Meetings of Shareholders convened at least once a year
  • dialogue and meetings on an as-needed basis
Capital market institutions and associations
What stakeholders want to know:How we build relationships:How often we engage:

  • approach to implementing the new regulatory requirements related to the TCFD package
  • risk management, with particular focus on ESG and climate risks
  • inquiries made in connection with compliance with disclosure requirements
  • opinion polling questions asked when regulatory changes are planned
  • impact of COVID-19 on the Group’s business
  • corporate governance
  • opinion polling questions asked when regulatory changes are planned
  • contact links on the website

  • ongoing communication in line with disclosure requirements
  • quarterly earnings conferences
  • participation in conferences, meetings and training
Capital market media